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Finding the right college can be a difficult task. When its time to start the college search and college application process, College Connectors will ease the tension, map out a plan and keep everyone focused. Need we say more? These families did!

“Many thanks to you Kate.  Your advice and counsel has been first rate every step of the way.  As I read all the articles that have been coming out lately about students applying to 18 colleges and the like and also being aware that my daughter has friends who haven’t even started yet, I am doubly grateful.”

Mother of a Hopkins High School Student

“I really don’t know what we would have done without Donna’s help. She did everything she said she would and beyond, ESPECIALLY keeping our son on track with deadlines with his very busy schedule. Our son thinks of you as his “all knowing” manager in college pursuits, as do his parents. I can’t say enough good things about your services. You have been priceless to our son and to his parents.” 

—Parent of a Bloomington Jefferson High School student

"Hi Laurie. I wanted to thank you for all your help with my college search! I just found out that I've been accepted to XXXXXXXXXXX through the early decision plan!"

— Hopkins High School student

“My husband and I are thrilled with (his) choice of XXXXXX, as is he.  Thanks so much for your fantastic guidance with all three boys  … you're three for three in terms of perfect fits! “

—Parent of three Minneapolis Southwest High School students

“We are so excited about XXXXX!  Just read your lovely email to (my daughter).  She says your help made the difference!  Thank you! By the way, her grandmother (my mother) is very ill in the hospital right now and calling her with this news, which she was waiting to hear, was a very touching moment.  She was just thrilled to hear about her granddaughter."

—Parent of Minneapolis Southwest High School student

“First of all we wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for (our son). We’re all very excited with the outcome. He chose the schools he wanted and he got admitted to his top choice school.

I think you teamed perfectly with XXXXXX. He followed your good advice and worked hard.

 You had to see his face when he opened the letter from XXXXXXXXXXX. One of those moments in life that one never forgets!”

—Parent of Woodbury High School student

“I want to thank you for all your help with XXXXXX college search.  Your involvement made the process go much more smoothly for our family.  (We) are now sure that we have done everything we can for XXXX in this important choice.  XXXX is very excited to be attending XXXXXX in the fall.  We have submitted his housing deposit, and he is starting down the checklist for enrollment. Your advice and support to him and to our family were invaluable.  Please feel free to call upon us as a reference for future families.”

—Parent of an Edina High School student

“We’ve worked with Kate at College Connectors and been very pleased.  She’s really helped my son through the college review and selection process (phase I) and then actually applying (phase II.)  She’s helped greatly as he’s worked with her and allowed me to step back – also helping my son and I avoid driving each other crazy during the exciting but sometimes complicated process!”

—Parent of a Washburn High School student

Donna!!!!! I GOT IN TOXXX!!!! I cannot put into words how excited I am! Who would've known a year ago I would be going to XX!! I want to thank you for all you've done, we did it!! 

—Benilde St. Margaret's student

“Thank you for all your help in getting me here – the anxiety about applying to college two years ago has now turned into me being anxious to return to college for a new school year.”

—A recent high school grad

“College Connectors helped our daughter understand that she could go to a more difficult college and succeed. They helped her to push herself and to find a place where she would fit in better.”

—Parent of a recent grad

“College Connectors helped us look at choices from different perspectives than we might have otherwise had. They helped keep the emotions under control – to think logically but with enthusiasm!” 

—Parent of a recent grad

“Both my wife and I read over … his common application essay and his XXXXXXX essay, and we both independently had the same reaction: "Kate was worth every penny we paid, and more!"

—Parent of an Avalon School student

“College Connectors introduced me to amazing schools that I might have overlooked if I had been on my own. When someone experienced with college applications advised me on essays, my writing improved.”  

—A recent high school grad

“College Connectors gave us a chance to see schools that would not otherwise have been considered. Overall it gave us a better understanding of the college application process. It took away parent-child tension during the college process.” 

—Parent of a recent grad

“College Connectors took the emotion out of the process. It allowed an impartial outsider to coach our son through steps of identifying important attributes of college and organizing the work.” 

—Parent of a recent grad

“Hi Laurie. I have committed to XXXXXXXXXXXXX. Who would've believed it...my mom's choice! Thank you so much for your help, I could not have gone through this process without you!”

—Hopkins High School student

“It feels comforting to find an expert like you who knows our high school, understands a variety of paths, and is committed to helping our son identify and prepare for “the path best suited.” 

—Parent of a current high school student

The offerings you provided XXXXXXX and us was instrumental in her getting to XXXXXXXXXX and she is thriving…proud to say she has made the Dean’s List all four semesters and loves it there.  I will keep on referring as I learn of families going through this process so keep an eye out for more down the road…But please…please…please don’t plan on getting out of the work environment until XXXXX has used College Connectors in 2019-2020.  I beg you!

—Parent of Highland Park Senior High student 

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