Why Us (we're different)

We’re experienced

  • We’ve spent our careers working in higher education and career development, helping others achieve their desired outcomes. We understand how student success factors impact educational goals. 
  • We’ve helped hundreds of families navigate the college search process. We use a student-focused, self-discovery process that leads every client to a great set of college choices.
  • We visit dozens of colleges every year to learn firsthand about campus programs, admissions standards, scholarship opportunities, and the individual campus vibe.

We’re professional

  • We are members of  HECA (Higher Education Consultants Association), one of the leading associations of experienced, ethical educational consultants.
  • We’re trusted experts in the field; in fact, Kate is one of only 250 Certified Educational Planners in the nation.
  • We understand value. College is a significant investment of family resources. We appreciate the need to make smart choices, and we consider individual family circumstances and values in every recommendation.

We love working with teenagers

  • Every student comes to us with a unique set of skills and talents. We’re excited to support them through the process of identifying their individual goals and priorities. Knowing who you are is key to making a successful college match.
  • The energy and sense of discovery that surrounds the college decision can be so exciting. Our process models and shapes good decision making skills by requiring each student to reflect, to research, to involve others, to keep options open, and then to make his or her college selection with confidence.

We laugh -- a Lot

  • We understand that sometimes students (and parents) can get stressed about planning for the transition to college. Our perspective and experience help make the search process informative, enlightening, and yes – FUN! 
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